Resiliency Fund

Photo courtesy of Schoenwald Photography

Restoration. Community. Stewardship.

The Central Sierra Resiliency Fund is a community initiative held at the Central Sierra Historical Society and Museum, Inc. In launching this effort, local community members and concerned professionals have collaborated to create a Resiliency Council to administer the restricted fund and determine funding recipients. We look forward to partnering with other local, state, and national organizations to ensure resources to empower the mountain community to get people living, working, and recreating on the mountain again. 

The Resiliency Fund will support Creek Fire recovery efforts in communities within the vicinity of Fresno County’s Central Sierra region including, but not limited to, Huntington Lake, Lakeshore, Big Creek, Shaver Lake, Pine Ridge, Meadow Lakes, Alder Springs, and Auberry.

Visit our Community Stories section and learn firsthand how this Fund came to life and how its organizers pledge to breathe life back into the Central Sierra forest and its communities.

Contact us at to see how you might help grow the Central Sierra Resiliency Fund and foster a sense of “Central Sierra Resiliency” in our broader community.

Check donations can be written to Central Sierra Resiliency Fund and mailed to:
Central Sierra Resiliency Fund
P.O. Box 617
Shaver Lake, CA 93664


To support the revitalization of the forests and communities surrounding Shaver Lake through land restoration, local stewardship, and economic efforts that honor the historical legacy of the Central Sierra region.


A thriving community living within healthy forests throughout Fresno County’s Central Sierra region for generations to come.


Restoration. Community. Stewardship.

Resiliency Council:

Jacqueline McDonald Pucheu

John Mount

Chasie Thiele


Juli Stewart

Riley Young

Lisa Monteiro

Central Sierra Resiliency Fund Ambassadors:

Shaver Ranch – The McDonald Family

Cressman’s General Store – The Gillett Family

Steven and Michelle McDonald

Peter and Sally Larsen Allbright

B6 Consulting

The Doug Bibb Family

Frank Bigelow and Sahara Saude-Bigelow

Meghan Breniman

Central Valley Community Bank

Sharlynn and Keegan Childers

China Peak Mountain Resort

Tom and Lisa Coleman

Cohen Communications

Keith Davis & Vince Wiggins

Pamela and David Dungy

Haley Messer Ferguson

Wayne and Barbara Gault

Lance and Jen Gault

Dylan and Bree Gault

Austin Hastings

Huntington Lake Association

Huntington Lake Volunteer Fire Department

Prentice Long PC & Margaret Long

Tim Messer

Mono Nation

North Dorabella Dinghy Club

Old Pine Ridge Inc.

Chad and Abby Oliver

Sean and Amy Osterberg

Jeff Pace


Walt and Caitlin Page

Josh and Cory Peterson

Raised at Huntington Lake

Ridge Top 4-H

The Saude Family

Kemper and JoAnn Shaw

Sierra Business Council

Sierra Foundation

Keith and Marcia Swinger

Connor and Kristin Telles

Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Co.

Vermilion Resource Management

Carli Walker

James W. Weirick, LtCol, USMC (Ret.)

Major Donors (over $500):

Peter and Sally Allbright

Barbara Bigelow

Michael and Lupe Bowers

Nancy Devaurs

David and Pam Dungy

Jon and Jennifer Escola

Lynn Gorman

Mark and Kelly Hulen

Mark and Brenda Isaac

Noel Krueger

Kuppa Joy Coffee

Travis and Michelle Lee

London Properties, LTD

The Mehemet Noyan Company

Melko Notary Services

Douglas Noll

North Dorabella Dinghy Club

Paul and Cheryl Odermatt

Old Pine Ridge, Inc.

Thomas Penman

Jason and Jacqueline Pucheu

Rick Ramirez

Stephen and Donna Ranker

Jerry and Dianne Rathman


RC Cares Team at Realty Concepts Ltd.

Blair Rohan

Scott Schuil

Kemper and JoAnn Shaw

Shenandoah Services, Inc.

Keith and Marcia Swinger

Wayne and Meta Thomas

Valley Republic Bank, Bakersfield

Mark Van Loon

Peter and Cissy Van Vleet

Mishell Whitacre

Dianne Wilson