Restore. Rebuild. Respect

Empower hope by supporting the long-term revitalization of our forest and community.

You can help restore what fire destroyed.

In September 2020, the Creek Fire raged through many mountain communities including the area surrounding Shaver Lake and Huntington Lake. In its wake, forested mountains were burned to charcoal sticks and many historic landmarks were decimated. The collective hope that our mountain communities will thrive for future generations has not been burnt by the Creek Fire. If anything, our hope has intensified. 

To empower our hope to become a reality, the Central Sierra Historical Society has established the Central Sierra Resiliency Fund to ensure that resources will be available to support future, collaborative efforts to respond to the most pressing needs.

In launching this effort, local community members and concerned professionals have collaborated to create a Resiliency Council to administer the restricted fund and determine funding recipients. We look forward to partnering with other local, state, and national organizations to ensure resources to empower the mountain community to get people living, working, and recreating on the mountain again.

Your donation of any size will help make that hope a reality. Visit us again soon as more information about the Central Sierra Resiliency Fund is added to our website.

Contact us at to see how you might help foster a sense of “Central Sierra Resiliency” in our broader community. d to our website.

Check donations may be written to the Central Sierra Resiliency Fund and mailed to:

Central Sierra Resiliency Fund

c/o Central Sierra Historical Society

P.O. Box 617

Shaver Lake, CA 93664